“Take control of your career and ask for help and support” Karina*, professor human resource management

1. What is the most interesting, the ‘coolest’ thing about your work?

The coolest thing about my work is the variety of tasks that I do and the autonomy in deciding myself where to set the priorities.

2. What did TRACKS bring you, what did you get out of it?

First, the stakeholder analysis (in the sponsoring sessions) made me realize that I am stuck in my career and that it would be good to change out of my current job. Hence, the stakeholder map was an extremely useful tool for me when I started with the program.

Second, the coaching sessions were very helpful for me. As I was in the middle of a job change (from assistant to full professor), and a personal change (my daughter was born during the coaching period), the support, and tips I received from my coach Arielle were extremely valuable. I very much appreciated having time to reflect upon my new roles and discussing the future challenges that might come up, both in private and professional life. I feel that the coaching sessions helped me to focus and prioritize, gain confidence of my abilities, but also learn more about potential pitfalls or weaknesses.


3. What is your tip for other female scientists?

I would recommend to other female scientists that they take control of their own career and to ask for help and support if needed.

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Karina* participated in the TRACKS program of Tilburg University in cooperation with LindavanderWal.com. She was coached by Arielle Brouwer of www.brouwertraining.nl

*Karina’s name was changed, due to privacy considerations.

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